Mastering The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


Get ready to ace Google’s “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” certification with Acalytica’s exclusive preparatory course!


Our comprehensive program combines the expertise of Google Garage’s video lessons with tailored quizzes designed to enhance your learning experience.


Dive deep into the core concepts of digital marketing, test your knowledge with bespoke quizzes, and ensure you’re well-prepared to conquer the certification exam.


At Acalytica, we’re dedicated to your success, providing a unique and effective way to master the essential skills for digital marketing success.


Enroll now and take the first step towards achieving your certification goals!

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What Will You Learn?

Core principles of digital marketing.
Effective use of online advertising channels.
Strategies for building an online presence.
Insightful analytics and data interpretation.
Social media marketing best practices.
Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.
Email marketing fundamentals.
Key concepts for successful e-commerce.
Mobile marketing strategies.
Conversion optimization tactics.

Material Includes

Video lessons from Google Garage
Bespoke quizzes by Acalytica


Marketing professionals
Business owners
Students or recent graduates
Anyone preparing for the Google Digital Marketing Exams.


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